PDFs of the programme and abstract book are available, including all accepted talks and posters.

DAY 1:Monday 29th June 2015OUMNH
12:30TOURS: 1 CHRIS Museum building and architecture & 2 AMO - Behind the scenes tour of Entomology Dept. 
 Session 1: IntroductionChair: Aprajita Verma
13:30Welcome & LogisticsNiranjan Thatte & Aprajita Verma
13:35E-ELT Project UpdatePaolo Padovani
14:15HARMONINiranjan Thatte
14:55MICADO: science opportunities with the first light imagerRic Davies
16:05An overview of the HARMONI simulation pipeline: HSIMSimon Zieleniewski
 Session 2: TransientsChair: Kieran O'Brien
16:25Overview of transient science with the E-ELT/HARMONINial Tanvir
17:05Superluminous Supernovae: progenitor scenario and distance probes from current days to the E-ELT eraCosimo Inserra
17:25Distant Type Ia Supernovae with HARMONIMatthias Tecza
18:15Welcome ReceptionSt Anne's College
DAY 2:Tuesday 30th June 2015OUMNH
 Session 3: Stellar Evolution IChair: Chris Evans
9:15Stellar evolution in the light of spectroscopyCyril Georgy
9:55Surveying star forming regions in the E-ELT eraSuzanne Ramsay
10:15Resolved Stellar Populations with HARMONILivia Origlia
 Session 4: Stellar Evolution IIChair: Eline Tolstoy
11:25Ultrafaint dwarfs - relics from before reionizationJoss Bland-Hawthorn
11:45Resolving stellar populations with crowded field 3D spectroscopySebastian Kamann
12:05RSGsWilliam Taylor
12:25Chemo-dynamics of galaxies from resolved stellar populations with HARMONIGiuseppina Battaglia
 TMTChair: Simon Morris
13:40TMT-IRISShelley Wright
 Session 5: Galaxy Formation & Evolution I 
14:20Galaxy evolution at the peak epoch of cosmic star formationNatascha M. Förster Schreiber
15:00Observations of U/LIRGs-like systems with HARMONISantiago Arribas
15:20Tracing kinematic (mis)alignments in CALIFA interacting galaxies: A local-Universe yardstick for high-z mergersJ.K. Barrera-Ballesteros
15:40Tea & TOUR: 3 MONICA - Behind the scenes in the Mineralogy Department 
 Session 6: Galaxy Formation & Evolution IIChair: Roland Bacon
16:25Stars’ turbulent birth in galactic collisions.Philippe Amram
16:45Galactic Winds of low mass galaxiesD.J. Bomans
17:05Disentangling the chemical and physical properties of metal-poor star-forming galaxies with high-resolution emission line imagingBethan James
17:25Direct detection of non-circular gas flows with IFUs like HARMONIN. Bouché
DAY 3:Wednesday 1st JulyOUMNH
 GMTChair: Ryan Houghton
9:15The Giant Magellan Telescope Integral Field SpectrographRob Sharp
 Session 7: Solar System 
9:55The Contribution of HARMONI for Solar System StudiesFranck Marchis
10:35The Main Belt of the Kuiper Belt: Simulating HARMONI observations in the Solar SystemFraser Clarke
 Session 9: Black Holes & AGNChair: Begoña Garcia Lorenzo
11:25Supermassive Black Holes in Galactic NucleiAlessandro Marconi
12:05Black holes with HARMONIEric Emsellem
12:25Intermediate-mass black holes with HARMONIJohn Magorrian
12:45Conference Photo 
13:30TOUR: 4 AMO - Behind the scenes tour of Entomology Dept 
 JWSTChair: Santiago Arribas
14:00NIRSpec: the first slit-based MOS spectrograph in spaceGiovanna Giardino
 Session 10: Galaxy Formation & Evolution III 
14:40Galaxy formation and evolution from the perspective of nearby galaxiesRichard McDermid
15:20Spatially resolved studies of extragalactic Diffuse Interstellar BandsAna Monreal-Ibero
 Session 11: Galaxy Formation & Evolution IVChair: Fraser Clarke
16:10Cosmological Simulations of Galaxy Formation J. Devriendt
16:50Cosmological simulations and HSIM: Simulation-based integral field studies of high-redshift galaxies with HARMONIS. Kendrew
 Poster Pops 
17:102min Poster Presentations 
19:00Conference DinnerSomerville College
DAY 4:Thursday 2nd July 2015OUMNH
 Session 12: Exoplanets & DisksChair: Matthias Tecza
9:15Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems: Probing Initial Conditions and Outcomes with the E-ELTMichael Meyer
9:55Direct detection of extra-solar planets and debris disksAnthony Boccaletti
10:35Spectral characterization of exoplanets with HARMONI: estimation of the achievable contrast levels.Alexis Carlotti
10:55Preparing for HARMONI: Lessons learned from early SPHERE observationsElisabeth Matthews
 Session 13: Galaxy Formation & Evolution VChair: Suzanne Ramsay
11:40Resolved observations of high z galaxies using strong lensingJohan Richard
12:20IFU studies of high-z star-forming galaxies through cosmic telescope: ELT science in 2015!Mark Swinbank
12:40Metallicity gradients and resolved chemical abundances in high-z lensed galaxiesRebecca Williams
 Session 14: Galaxy Formation & Evolution VIChair: Niranjan Thatte
13:45Absorption line spectroscopy of the first passive galaxiesRyan Houghton
14:05Integral Field Unit Observations of High Redshift Dusty QuasarsManda Banerji
 Session 15: Summaries & Discussion 
14:25Summary: Observer's PerspectiveAntonella Nota
14:50Summary: Theorist's PerspectiveJoe Silk
15:15DiscussionRoger Davies & All
15:45RAS Student Prizes 
15:55Tea & TOUR 5: CHRIS - Museum building and architecture 
 Sim Session 1: Introduction & Set-upSarah Kendrew & Simon Zieleniewski
16:25General overviewSimon Zieleniewski
16:45Simulator methods and workflow 
17:05Setting up the simulator 
DAY 5:Friday 3rd July 2015Denys Wilkinson Building
 Sim Session 2: Hands-on WorkshopSarah Kendrew & Simon Zieleniewski
9:15The Simulator output data products 
9:45Hands-on session 
 Sim Session 3: Hands-on Workshop 
11:15Hands-on session 
 Central star formation and chemical enrichment in CALIFA interacting galaxiesJ.K. Barrera-Ballesteros
 From CALIFA to HARMONI: triggering Active Galactic Nuclei over Cosmic TimeCristina Ramos Almeida
 The black hole and host galaxy relationship over the cosmic timeRenato Falomo
 Search for neutral outflows in local [U]LIRGs via the IFS of the NaD featureS. Cazzoli
 The AO modes for HARMONI: from classical to Laser-assisted tomographic AO systemsB. Neichel
 The diffuse ISM and diffuse interstellar bands observed with HARMONIJonathan Smoker
 Simulated EELT-HARMONI observations of ULIRGsJavier Piqueras López